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Buffalo worm oil and cricket oil

Our ingredients


Crickets are often used for their high protein content, roughly 12gr/100gr, depending on the species of cricket. It is often forgotten that they are also a great source of fats (5.5gr/100gr)!

That is why we want to make use of the fat content, that normally would be lost during cricket protein production.


Buffalo worms

Buffalo Worms are another species of insects, often used for their protein content, forgetting that they are also a great source of fats.  They are low in carbohydrates (6gr/100gr), high in protein (around 56gr/100gr), and a rich source of fats with 24gr per 100gr of Buffalo Worms.

Combining Crickets with Bufalo Worms to get healthy, sustainable fats, is thus the way to go to produce In-Oil!